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Go Anywhere Glamorous Deck Chair

February 12, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

As I sit with snow piled as high as my window sills, it is clear to me that when the folks at Glas Italia decided to name their latest seat a “deck chair,” they did not have the New England climate in mind. No matter, this svelte spindle seat is so elegant that I’m considering it for a year-round position inside at my dining table.

Made from sturdy ash, Glas Italia’s deck chair is solidly grounded, but still fluid and lithe. The design by Piero Lissoni pays homage to classic mid-century icons. Yet, with its gracefully tapered seat and a triangular backrest and legs, Glas Italia’s version is even more streamlined. Beautifully balanced, this deck chair has all the makings of a classic, whether placed indoors or out.

Above: Glas Italia’s deck chair is available in black stain or natural from Made in Design; £521.

Above: A gracefully tapered seat as well as a triangular backrest and legs enhances the deck chair’s sleek silhouette.

Above: Beautifully proportioned, Glas Italia’s chair is thoroughly at home among the classics, whether ancient or modern.

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