ISSUE 46  |  The Family Farm

Gift Guide: Unleash the Inner Beginner Gardener

November 21, 2014 5:00 PM

BY Christine Chitnis

During the holidays we’re not above giving gifts that further our own agenda. And we believe there’s a potential gardener inside everyone, struggling to get out. We’ve rounded up a few irresistible gifts to unleash the inner beginner:

Above: Think of these tiny guys as pets, not plants.  Except you don’t need to walk them. An orchid, air plant, and staghorn fern are sold singly; Living Wall Art is $59 per wall-mounted plant from Viva Terra.

Above: There’s nothing to encourage a backyard farmer like a beautiful basket to transport the tomato harvest to the kitchen. Off season, a Wire Harvest Basket can do double duty as an indoor storage solution for magazines or towels; $58 from Terrain.

Above: Nothing can compare to the classic Original Tall Rain Boots; $148 from Hunter Boots. They’ll take new gardeners through all four seasons (or all five, if they live in New England where we have Mud Season as well). 

Above: Extremely sharp, yet light, Nutscene’s Big Wee Snips are a must-have for any gardener. (We’d take a pair too, hint to Julie.) They’re $16 a pair from Ancient Industries.

Above: A jar of Dream Cream Facial Moisturizer will repair and smooth weathered skin with all-natural ingredients, including calendula, beeswax, and lavender essential oil, among others. Gardeners who spend hours in the sun and wind will appreciate its healing powers; $32 from Golden Apothecary.

Above: An oldie but a goodie. Brit gardener Alys Fowler’s Garden Anywhere will inspire a newbie with clever tips for tiny urban gardens, organic pest control (yes, this can be inspirational!), and seed swapping. A paperback copy is $24.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

Above: A set of heirloom-worthy, black-burnished steel hand tools are hand forged and fabricated by Netherlands-based DeWit, a company that started as a village blacksmith shop in 1898. Objects of Use offers a range of DeWit options, from the trowel to the weeding fork. Prices range roughly from $27-$46 (prices listed in GBP).

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