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Gift Guide: For the Herbalist

December 18, 2013 2:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for me–oops, I mean an herbalist in your life–here are six special presents that I can guarantee would not only be loved, but actually used:

Above: Take a moment to imagine these glass vessels filled with with milky oat tops, rose petals, and lavender. How can you resist them now? White Oak Vessels from Fort Standard; $240 for a set of three (also sold separately).

Above: Every herbalist worth her salt knows the value of a good knife for chopping up herbs and creating new concoctions. I spotted the Pallares Solsona Kitchen Knife at the Remodelista San Francisco Market last week. My only regret is leaving this beauty behind; $49 from Quitokeeto.


Above: Staub La Théií¨re Round Tea Pot; $149.95 on Amazon. I recently saw this beauty stovetop at Francesca’s house, and then I had the good fortune to see it again at Alexa’s. Now I’m obsessed. Necessary for brewing herbal teas, of course.

Above: The better to steep with: the Woven Tea Strainer in Silver Plate; $12 from Dar Gitane.

Above: If the herbalist on your list doesn’t already own a mortar and pestle, consider this classic: a Small Mortar and Pestle from Cooper-Hewitt is $60.

Above: For setting hot pots of tea and maneuvering steaming glass jars: Cotton Canvas Potholders, $31 from Specialty Dry Goods.

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