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Gift Guide 2015: Stocking Stuffers for Garden Lovers

December 03, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

We’ve always believed the most delightful things come in small packages. Here is a roundup of our favorite stocking stuffers for garden lovers (and everyone else on your holiday shopping list):

Above: OK, not exactly something you can stuff, but who would not want to find a baby bonsai in a Christmas stocking? Nestle it in tissue paper at the very top of the stocking, peeping out. Extremely popular in Japan, miniature bonsai plants are poised to become the next gardening rage. They take up so much less room than a fiddle leaf fig tree, after all.

In the US, you can buy a Dwarf Juniper Bonsai Tree for $18.50 from Amazon.

Above: Photograph via Skona Hem.

A dandelion head perfectly preserved, fluff and all, in a 2.5-inch Dandelion Paperweight is £29.50 from Hafod Grange. For US shoppers, a similar Dandelion Paperweight with a flower suspended in a resin ball, is $68.61 from Creatures of Comfort.

Above: Mix-and-match candles enable you to choose three fragrances a gardener is missing most in winter (if you’re buying for me, please choose Lavender, Fern+Moss, and Rose Botanica). A set of Pick 3 Travel Candles is $30 from Brooklyn Candle Studio. 

Above: Give a subscription to our favorite quarterly garden magazine, Garden Design.  A one-year Subscription costs $45 for four issues.

Above: Imported from Japan, a 6-inch-long Greenhouse Bench Broom made of palm fibers tied with copper wire is $12 from Womanswork.

Above: Sprout, founded by three MIT students who wanted to make sustainable products, has created Tiny Gardens to grow microgreens on a sunny windowsill. A set of three waterproof, recyclable cardboard boxes will sprout cress, sunflower, and broccoli sprouts; $14.95.

Above: Above: From Scandinavian designers Ahnlund-Karlen, an Apple Holder to feed birds has a screw-on brass ball to hold a piece of fruit in place. It is $35 NZ from Garden Objects.

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