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Gardenista Houseplant Guide on West Elm’s Front + Main

March 11, 2014 1:30 PM

BY Gardenista Team

If you ask us, a room just isn’t complete without a little something green to pull it together. West Elm agrees.

Embracing the idea of greenery in the home is the first step toward reaching home d├ęcor nirvana, but keeping a new charge alive is the ongoing challenge. To help readers in their pursuit of houseplant perfection, Gardenista editor-in-chief, Michelle Slatalla, has been offering houseplant growing tips on West Elm’s blog Front + Main

Above: Nurturing a newly fostered Red-Tipped Kalanchoe? Michelle will let you know whether to drench it or drain it. 

Above: Considering Bamboo? Check in to see if you’ve got the optimal light conditions (hint: you probably do).

Above: Just trying to keep a standard Succulent looking perky? There’s no question too small. Michelle covers that, too.

Above: See the growing collection of posts in the Gardenista Houseplant Guide on Front + Main.

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