ISSUE 24  |  Barn Rustic

Furniture: Leather Butterfly Chair at Circa 50

June 16, 2010 6:42 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Designed in 1938 by Ferrari Hardoy, an apprentice of Le Corbusier, the original BKF butterfly chair features a single length of steel for the frame. In 1947, Knoll acquired US production rights to the chair, and in 1997, Vermont-based Circa 50 resumed production of the original Knoll version, using the exact dimensions, down to the 27 degree bend at the top. The frame is available in marine grade stainless steel or flat black or white powdercoat. Circa 50 offers both canvas and hide covers in a wide range of color options.

Above: The Stainless Steel Frame is $275 and the Natural Cowhide Cover is $250, for a total cost of $525.

Above: The White-Powdercoated Frame is $250 and the Black Leather Cover is $250, for a total cost of $500.