ISSUE 23  |  Modern Landscaping

Floral Design: A Hanging Wall Pocket for a Flower

June 12, 2015 1:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Yuka Uchida grew up in Japan and and instills an elegant simplicity in her designs. In addition to jewelry and tableware, her OVO Ceramics line includes a mini wall pocket vase we’ve been admiring because it takes the guesswork out of floral design. The simplest sprig or flower stem is all it needs:


Above: A Hanging Flower Pocket is $30 from ABC Home.


Above: A patterned Hanging Flower Pocket is $30.

Says Uchida, “As for the patterns, I’m not painting them on. I’m using the Nerikomi style–which is the Japanese name for it–which is sort of a marbling technique where the clay gets tinted ahead of time, stacked, then sliced to create patterns.” For more of our favorite wall vases, see: