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Favorite Botanical Illustrations: Our 10 Best Sources for Vintage and New

August 05, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

A running theme among some of our favorite kitchen and home office spaces is botanical illustration: staunchly scientific prints, crumpled vintage charts, and modern artistic renditions.

When it comes to sourcing similar works, we’re often told they are vintage or were found in the depths of a Copenhagen flea market and so forth. Luckily we have the Internet to unearth some favorites across eBay, Etsy, small batch artists, and more. Here are our finds.

Above: From Irish design studio Superfolk, a lino-print of the yellow shrub Gorse native to Ireland is printed with Japanese ink on traditional Japanese washi paper from a traditional factory in Tokushima. The Gorse Print is €78 at Makers & Brothers.

Above: The Royal Horticultural Society offers a host of classical Belgian watercolor botanical prints. The Grande Cantaloupe by Pierre Franí§ois Ledoulx from 1804 (L) is £45 for a large satin print. The Espí¨ce de Navet Long Excellent de Gout (R), a parsnip painting by Jean Charles Verbrugge in 1820 is also £45 for a large satin print.

Above: The Old Prints Cabinet on Etsy sells a selection including the 1849 Italian Maple Tree Print, a Victorian lithograph for $17.

Above: Featured in Design Sleuth: Swedish Botanicals as Decor on Remodelista, prints that run 190 SEK ($22 USD) each from Skolplansch in Sweden.

Above: A vintage Field Herbs Botanical Wall Chart used in 1970 in a German school is $165 through eBay seller Art Four. More Vintage Botanical Charts can be found with a search on eBay.

Above: From Berlin, Germany, the Antique Foxglove School Chart is $280 from Vintage School Charts on Etsy.

Above: A vintage-style botanical poster from Arminho, the Large Cactus-Opuntia Jamaiensis Chart is a hand painted watercolor for $90. For more, see Nature Conservancy: Vintage-Style Botanical Posters on Remodelista.

Above: Another offering by way of Etsy is from High Street Vintage, a seller specializing in botanical prints. The Antique French Botanical “Dent de Lion” Print is $12 for the 8-by-10-inch size.

Above: San Francisco Bay Area artist and Remodelista/Gardenista Market alum Maria Schoettler offers prints of her whimsical illustrations, like the California Wildflowers Print, 16 inches by 20 inches for $32.

Above: A Double-Sided Vintage French School Poster depicts Les Fruits on one side and a closer look at La Graine on the other; $195 from Hygge Living.

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