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Facebook Contest Winner: Think Spring

February 26, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Stacey Lindsay

Last week we invited readers to submit photos on Facebook of their favorite spring images for a chance to win a set of Rigel Stuhmiller note cards. Today we’re pleased to announce the two winners are Sara Venn and Kim Grant; their submissions inspired the most “likes” on Facebook.

Thank you to all our readers who posted beautiful photos. Below are our two winners, along with a few selections from the many others we received. Each one helped us to escape the winter cold for a few moments. Here’s to spring:

Above: “Sometimes less is really more,” wrote Kim Grant when describing her winning post of a single yellow tree peony blossom that released “the faintest scent of lemon.”

Above: Magnolia stellata, deemed “early flowering trumpeter of spring” by Sara Venn, garnered the second most “likes.”

Above: Poor House in Napa Valley celebrated the auspicious views in town.

Above: Marisa Sarmento Edwards shared her “favorite spot in the spring” (L) with pink and purple petunias, and George Stavropoulous (R) “took this picture early one morning last spring while the sprinkler was going full speed and I was in the garden getting soaked.” He looks forward to doing that again this year.

Above: The beauty of narcissus: The Hudson Valley Garden Association posted these vibrant daffodils.

This contest has ended, but we invite you to continue posting your favorite garden images on our Facebook page. And for another glimpse of what’s ahead in the garden, visit A Secret Garden: Spring Comes to Connecticut.