ISSUE 73  |  The Garden Path

Exploded Flowers by Qi Wei Fong

May 21, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

We tend to look at flowers as a whole, as polite singular blooms or quietly lovely clusters on a bush. But photographer Qi Wei Fong is interested in the individual components of each flower, which he disassembles in order to capture an entirely different side of these ephemeral beauties.

“Flowers,” notes artist Qi Wei Fong, “are indeed one of the most beautiful and complex structures found in Nature, designed specifically for the purpose of reproduction.” In his Exploded Flower compositions, the Singaporean photographer lays bare the individual components of each bloom to reveal the hidden architecture–the structural complexity, and radial symmetry–of these botanicals. In so doing he expresses not only the rare beauty, but also the expressive dynamism, of flowers.

Above: Limited edition prints of “Lotus” and select others of Fong’s Exploded Flowers Series are available for purchase on the artist’s site.

Above: Disassembled, a simple “Cosmos” makes for a very expressive composition.

Above: The starburst petals of a “Chysanthemum” resemble the rays of the sun.

Above: Qi Wei’s Exploded Flower Series are inspired by Todd McClellan’s Disassembly Series, which reveals the inner workings of machinery.

Above:  “Hydrangea” is also part of the Exploded Flowers Series, which placed second in the 2012 International Photography Awards. 

Above: You can explore more of Qi Wei’s photography including his Botanical Portraits on his website. 

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