ISSUE 64  |  Loft Living

Etsy Find: The World’s Most Stylish Birdhouses

March 21, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Justine Hand

Properly tended to, birds and other helpful insects only add charm to our yards. That’s why we at Gardenista love to give back to our winged friends with inspired housing like these from The Bird on the Tree.

Hailing from a small village in Poland, which is “very close to Nature,” Irek Jastrzí„â„¢bki spends his free time creating modern, minimalist accommodations for his favorite garden companions, which he sells through his Etsy shop, The Bird on the Tree. Carefully hand-made to withstand the elements, each house or feeder reflects the simple loveliness of Nature herself.

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Above: All of Irek’s houses and feeders are made with eco-friendly paints and stains, and wood that comes from a local mill. Constructed from seasoned ash hardwood, this Modern Feeder is painted white (or other color of your choice) on the outside and stained with teak oil on the inside; $48.

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Above: Fashioned from seasoned ash and oak hardwood, this handy Bird House has a copious opening in the back, making it easier to clean house for new guests; $64.

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Above: Don’t forget the bees. Give back to garden pollinators by providing them with a Bee House; $79.

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Above: The more the merrier: furnish a home for two, with a Double Bird House; $65.

N.B: You’ve no doubt noticed that Gardenista loves to accommodate our feathered friends in style. You too? Browse the extensive collection of our favorite avian houses.