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A Garden in the Sky: Test Tube Chandeliers from Poland

April 01, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Ever since I spotted this garden in the sky on Design Milk, I’ve been dreaming about a test tube chandelier from Polish designer (and Etsy seller) Pani Jurek.

Jurek graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2007 and has a particular interest in lighting; for this project, she used two circular bands of plywood, 96 test tubes, and a ceramic socket. “The double glass cylinder recalls Art Deco forms in a contemporary way,” Jurek says. “And the use of ready-made objects references the work of Duchamp. The tubes are detachable and the lamp provides the opportunity for visual experiment by creating a variety of configurations and arrangements.”

Above: Jurek’s Maria SC Single Test Tubes Chandelier is $175 on Etsy.

Above: Another view of my imaginary meadow. A two-tier Maria SC Double Test Tubes Chandelier is $245 on Etsy.

Above: Create an aerial herb garden using parsley from the green grocers.

Above: Pay tribute to Polish chemist and Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie by highlighting the test tubes in all their simplicity. A set of 20 replacement Test Tubes is $12 on Etsy.

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This is an update of a post originally published April 24, 2012.