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Editors’ Picks: Chicken Chat, Make Your Own Ketchup and Other Links We Love

July 14, 2012 6:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

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They get the same phone call pretty often at The Eugene Backyard Farmer: “What is wrong with my hen? She has been staying in the nest box and she won’t move. I go to pick her up and she fluffs up, makes dinosaur noises, and even tries to peck me.” Diagnosis? Broody hen.


Advice and general chicken chitchat, via The Eugene Backyard Farmer.

Outfox the foxes who find your flock irresistible, via The Guardian.

For better backyard barbecues, make your own ketchup and mustard, via Food52.

Hurry up and wait for a plot at the community garden, via Garden Rant.

Roman arches and other archaeological finds uncovered in the basement of the Tennessee Capitol, via Knox News.

Popup picnic garden, via Urban Gardens.