ISSUE 22  |  Australia and Beyond

Editors’ Picks: Brooklyn Plays Chicken, and Other Links We Love

June 02, 2012 6:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

It’s official (well, practically): Soon there will be more chickens than humans in Brooklyn. A coop on every stoop, via Brownstoner.

TV crews from Sweden and Japan can barely believe it either, via Brooklyn Feed.

An indoor vertical garden that won’t leak on the living room rug, via My Urbio.

Summer in the city, via 66 Square Feet.

Man backs into hearse and lives to tell about it, via Blackpitts Garden.

A truck named Petunia, via The Garden Plot.

What’s blooming, right this second, via You Grow Girl.

Tiny, tiny farm feeds hungry, hungry family, via Lloyd’s Blog.

“Name the nameless world I love,” via Slow Life Love.