ISSUE 37  |  Nature Inspired

Palette & Paints: Fine Paints of Europe

September 12, 2008 10:34 AM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

I spent several days in Amsterdam this past summer and found myself obsessing over the painted house exteriors. The Dutch have a way with colors; note the gradations of grays and blacks, and the fearless use of high-gloss paint on the doors. Want to export the look to your front door? We consulted with Philip Reno, founder of Philip’s Perfect Colors and owner of G & R Paint Company; here’s what he says: “This spectacular look is only going to be found in one product available in the U.S., and that is Fine Paints of Europe. I would recommend RAL5003, RAL6020, RAL9004, and RAL2009 to replicate these exterior shades.” Fine Paints of Europe is the exclusive North American importer of paints and varnishes manufactured in the Netherlands; the paints are distinctive for their high content of premium pigments and resins. Go to Fine Paints of Europe to find a retailer.

Photos by Sarah Lonsdale