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DIY: Transform Terra Cotta Pots Into Instant Antiques

May 27, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Last year’s terra cotta pots look great. So do last century’s. The problem can be new ones—virgin terra cotta can look so, well, orange. Your herbs deserve better. So we were excited when we spotted blogger Lauren Lowry’s simple DIY technique, via The Rescued Home, for transforming new terra cotta pots into instant antiques:

Giving terra cotta an aged look is an easy project you can tackle (and finish) in an afternoon. For a full list of instructions and materials, see The Rescued Home.

Photography courtesy of The Rescued Home except where noted.


Above: The finished product: looks positively ancient.


Above: Photograph via Ikea.

Start with a standard terra cotta pot, such as Ikea’s 11.75-inch-high Fotblad Plant Pot; $7.99. You’ll also need lime, paint brushes, a spray bottle, and polyurethane spray.


Above: Photograph via Dick Blick.

Japanese Hake Brushes, designed for blending or applying a wash over a large area, are available in several sizes from Dick Blick; prices range from $10.58 to $32.94.


Above: Photograph via Rail 19.

A small Glass Bottle with Aluminum Mist Sprayer is $10 from Rail 19.


Above: Paint the pot with lime, spray it in spots while still wet, and blot the excess moisture with paper towels. For a full step-by-step tutorial, see The Rescued Home.