DIY: Sarah's Cardoon Swag by

Issue 103 · Homeward Bound · December 18, 2013

DIY: Sarah's Cardoon Swag

Issue 103 · Homeward Bound · December 18, 2013

At our recent Remodelista Dinner, our friend Louesa Roebuck decorated the dining table with cardoon thistles. I loved the furry burrs so much, I took several home with me. This year, instead of making a wreath for the door, I strung several cardoons together and tied a bell to the bottom for an instant festive note.

Photography by Emily Johnston Anderson for Remodelista.

Above: The cardoons are easily strung together with twine, using a large sewing needle.

This is a rerun of a post that originally published on December 20, 2012.

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