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DIY: Outdoor Kitchen Cart from Studiomama

November 10, 2014 7:00 PM

BY Jane Potrykus

Want the convenience of your kitchen when cooking outdoors, but lack space, or money? Make your own mobile kitchen cart using Studiomama‘s DIY plans.

Making its debut earlier this fall at 100% Design London, Danish designer Nina Tolstrup’s cart on wheels incorporates a gas-powered cooktop, sink (simply connect to your garden hose for running water), chopping board, and storage. Constructed using one sheet of plywood, some broomsticks, and screws, the cart can be customized to your skill level. (Those who love the look but question their carpentry skills could hire a skilled handyman for assembly.)

The design is environmentally thoughtful as well: waste water drains to the watering can placed under the sink, making it a snap to re-use the gray water. Inspired to DIY? Plans are £10 and available through Studiomama.

Photography via Studiomama.

Above: The assembled cart, colorfully accessorized with a Jasper Morrison watering can and a small flexi tub sourced from a UK home improvement shop. (Find something similar at your local hardware store.)

Above: The chopping board attaches on the handles to the right of the cooktop.

Above: Simply remove the chopping board and use the handles to easily move and position the unit.

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