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DIY Home Spa, Mother’s Day Edition

May 06, 2014 6:00 PM

BY Dalilah Arja

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A pampered mom is a happy mom. Or at least that’s true of my own mother. But I think that’s safe to say about most people; we all like a little rest and relaxation. At a young age my mother imparted her “take time out for yourself” mentality on me, which I embraced without a problem. Thanks, Mom.

To return the favor, here are five projects from our archive that I plan to treat my mom (or myself!) to this Mother’s Day. 

Above: Hang eucalyptus in the shower and the steam will release essential oils. The oils are a remedy for cough and cold and also relieve stress, making this a perfect start to an at-home spa day. Learn more about eucalyptus in the shower at Design Sleuth: Instant Spa Shower. Photograph courtesy of Free People

Above: This personal treatment focuses on the feet, easily making it my favorite of the bunch. Erin illustrates an easy way to pamper your feet at home with Epsom salt, peppermint, lemon, and rose petals in A Miracle Treatment to Make Your Feet Feel Like They Checked Into a Spa. Photograph by Erin Boyle

Above: Bentonite clay is used for drawing out impurities in the skin. This recipe for A Beauty Mask Made from Flowers is foolproof for anyone (like me) who gets a little prickly about synthetic skin care products. Add ground oats, ground almonds, dried lavender, and dried rose petals for a holistic at-home skin regimen. Pack it into little jars for a wholesome gift for your mom (or the other women in your life). Photograph by Erin Boyle

Above: Is there anything rosewater can’t do? The tonic can offer endless benefits: it’s calming, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing. We’re big fans. Sophia shows us how to make our own in DIY: Rosewater Hydrosol. Use it as a refreshing face splash or add it to shampoo to soothe an irritated scalp. Photograph by Sophia Moreno-Bunge

Above: The idea of a spa popsicle is new to me, but it sounds like an invigorating way to round out a day of leisure. Spa popsicles are typically made with freshly squeezed fruit juice, water, and sugar. In DIY: Spa Popsicles, there’s one surprising ingredient: avocado. Photograph courtesy of Rancho Valencia

For more DIY projects like how to make your own Rose, Cardamom, and Ginger Body Soak see our DIY Archive. And if you’ve caught the DIY bug take a look at the stockpile of projects on Remodelista.