ISSUE 69  |  Spring Cleaning

Frugal Flowers: How to Make Supermarket Ranunculus Look Like a Million Bucks

March 03, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Erin Boyle

Multi-layered and gravity-defying atop delightfully bendy stems, the ranunculus is one of my favorite cut flowers. Early spring is the right time of year to snag bunches of them as they begin to appear in flower and farmers’ markets. Like last week’s tulips, you can even get lucky and find bunches at the grocery store for reasonable prices. I picked up two bunches for just $5.99 recently. Here’s a way to arrange ranunculus that makes a little go a long way.

Above: The curvy stems of ranunculus make them excellent candidates for arranging in small glass bottles. By adding just a few stems per bottle, I could showcase the most beautiful blossoms.