ISSUE 63  |  Do-It-Yourself

DIY: A Secret Hiding Place for Your iPad

March 15, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Luddites with furtive iPad addictions, take note: Canadian artist Sally Scott, cofounder of Shim Shim Co. and one of the most creative women we know, has created an iPad cover from an old gardening book.

This will keep your secret safe from everyone, thieves included. “I leave this on the front seat of my car all the time,” Scott says, “Who’s going to steal an Englishwoman’s book about gardening?”

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Above: Scott’s iPad sits neatly within the hardcover of a quaint vintage book titled The Englishwoman’s Garden.

Above: Using a book that is only slightly thicker than an iPad, Scott cut through the pages to form a supportive cradle for the device.

Above: With a cover like this, you might even forget you were using an iPad.

Above: Scott cut a few strategic slits in the book cover, enabling her to thread a ribbon. The ribbon is glued down for stability.

Above: Scott threaded the ribbon through a slit in the spine of the book and tied a knot to anchor the ribbon.

Above: The ribbon is threaded through to the outside of the book on both sides.

Above: When not in use, the ribbon ties the book covers together.

Above: Who would ever guess what lies between the covers?

This is an update of a post originally published July 13, 2012.