ISSUE 93  |  Bulbs Exposed

Bling for Your Flowers: Diamond Vases

October 07, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

Recently spotted and admired: demure diamond-shaped vases from Sweden. Sitting slightly askew, they have faceted architecture perfect for complementing wilder specimens. (I am looking forward to using these to display all those tiny bouquets my daughter bestows upon me. Seems a perfect way to indulge her obsession with all things bling, while at the same time honoring my more minimalist tendencies.)

Above: Diamond Vases are available in two sizes, small and large; 199 KR and 249 KR (which converts to about $31 and $38, respectively) from Artilleriet.

Above: Truly multi-faceted, glass diamonds offer more display options than your average vase.

Above: Striking with a single stem, these sculptural diamond vases are art in and of themselves.

N.B. Looking for more creative display options for your wee bouquets? See 10 Easy Pieces Single Stem Bud Vases.