ISSUE 96  |  Garden to Table

Designer Visit: A Carport Makes a Difference

November 05, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

Based in San Francisco, contractor Jeff King from Jeff King & Company is always being asked to conjure up space from little or nothing.  In the case of this remodel, a family of four with two young children asked King to create an entire outdoor living space out of a parking space sandwiched between two neighboring houses. King’s ingenious solution was to build a carport structure which does three things: encloses the outdoor space for the children to play safely, preserves the parking space, and provides a rooftop for an outdoor terrace. With a sense of fun, King transformed a single driveway into an outdoor space with multiple functions.

Photography by Paul Dyer.

Above: Instead of a solid garage door, King designed a glazed door to allow for transparency and daylight. The window panes are maximized because the aluminum frame is so durable.

Above: The roof above the carport becomes an outdoor terrace, carpeted with artificial turf.

Above: A Tucci Razor Shade Umbrella from DWR offers protection from the sun.

Above: A custom fabricated painted steel staircase joins the lower and upper deck. “The design has architectural expression while serving a practical function,” King says. “As the stairs turn a corner, a fence of clear vertical grain cedar brings privacy and warmth to the upper patio.”

Above: An alternate way down is via a firefighter’s pole, custom made to match the real thing.

Above: The play area is small and compact but filled with a variety of material level changes to allow for imaginative play.

Above: “Cable dividers are strung between steel railings for a durable, low maintenance exterior staircase,” King says. Basalt tiles line the lower level of the garden wall.

Above: Similar to the concept of blinds, the horizontal rails in the wood fence are angled to maximize light coming from the south while maintaining privacy. The planters that line the top of the gray tiled wall and the swinging bench are made from recycled milk containers by Loll Designs.

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