ISSUE 5  |  Potting Sheds

Design Sleuth: Wire Pot Hangers

February 06, 2014 2:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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Potted plants are life affirming and full of joy, especially when they pop up unexpectedly, mounted on an interior wall. The difficulty is figuring out how to attach the cylindrical shape of a pot to the flat surface of the wall. Thank goodness for the wire pot holder.  

Above: After we posted photos of these clever wall mounted potted cacti in the London offices of online design magazine Dezeen (see our recent post Dezeen: An Office and a Watch Store), one of our readers wrote to ask for help sourcing them. Photograph by Luke Hayes.

Above: Similarly potted plants liven up the stairwell at The Book Club, a bar in Shoreditch, London.  Photograph via Home Girl London

Above: A Panacea Wall-Mounted Flower Pot Holder from Ace Hardware has a ring for the pot and a flat metal plate that attaches to the wall; $8.99. 

Above: A powder coated Plant Ring from Makr is available in pewter and avocado and fits a 4-inch pot; $48. See why Erin likes this one so much in A Balcony Style Planter for Indoors

Above: The Anthracite Single Wall Pot Holder from UK-based Podington Garden Centre acts as a basket to hold the pot; £4.49.

If you, like us, are not enamored with the way new terra cotta pots can have an orange tinge, see our DIY on how to Transform Terra Cotta Pots into Instant Antiques.