Design Sleuth: Is There a Maple Tree in the House? by

Issue 25 · Bath and Spa · June 20, 2012

Design Sleuth: Is There a Maple Tree in the House?

Issue 25 · Bath and Spa · June 20, 2012

How nice to come home to your own private forest in the foyer. Here's how to get the look:

Above: Think of the tree on your table as if it were an enormous flower arrangement; it's temporary. Lace leaf maple trees like the one above thrive outdoors, not in, so choose a tree that you'll be happy to move later to the garden. Image by Michael Graydon.

Above: Even if you don't have ten-foot ceilings, a 24-inch Pung Kil Japanese Maple will create drama at eye level. In the garden this miniature tree will eventually achieve a height of ten feet. Wine-colored leaves turn bright red in autumn; it's $54 from Terrain and ships (container Above not included) in a black nursery pot. For a wide selection of Lace Leaf Maples up to 70 inches tall, visit East Fork Nursery; a tree in a three-gallon pot is $70.

Above: Wrap the root ball tightly in waterproof plastic, leaving an open space at the top, around the tree trunk, so you can water it. Then wrap it in a Burlap Square trimmed to fit. A large burlap square is $5.49 from Burlap Fabric.

Above: To complete the look, truss the wrapped root ball in twine. A Sisal Twine Roll is $9.95 from Gempler's. (Be sure to remove the waterproof plastic wrap from the root ball when you transplant the tree to the garden.)

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