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Design Sleuth: A Starburst Vertical Garden

January 10, 2014 2:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Designed by San Francisco-based O + A, the Silicon Valley offices of Evernote feature an exuberant explosion of tillandsias against a white wall. Some people might think the vertical garden looks like fireworks on the Fourth of July; we’re reminded of a starry night sky:

Above: Photograph via UltraLinx.

Above: Photograph via UltraLinx.

Up close, you can see that individual tillandsias are mounted on metal plant holders.

Above: A steel plant hook that screws into a wall, a set of three Thigmotrope Satellites is $40 from Flora Grubb.

Above: A tillandsia Xerographica; photograph via Sea and Asters.

There are more than 500 known species of tillandsias, members of the bromeliad family. Trying to decide which to pick? See 5 Favorites: A Tillandsia by Any Other Name. Or Shop all our Tillandsia Picks.

Above: Each thigmotrope holds a single tillandsia. We recently visited Flora Grubb to get step-by-step instructions for designing and installing a Starburst Vertical Garden.

Wondering how to care for your tillandsias? See Gardening 101: How to Water an Air Plant.