ISSUE 21  |  On the Lawn

Coming to America: The Balcony Gardener

May 25, 2012 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Our only complaint about The Balcony Gardener has been that the UK-based garden retailer didn’t ship its stylish small-space vertical gardens and window boxes abroad, where we greedy urban gardeners in the US could get our hands on them. Problem solved.

Perhaps Isabelle Palmer, the site’s founder, heard our envious grumblings; The Balcony Gardener has started to ship a wide selection of products internationally. It’s also good news for gardeners throughout Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and China. Here is a selection of some new products and some old favorites that are available:

Above: A vertical garden suitable for hanging outdoors, the Verti-Plant is made of a heavy duty, non woven material and has drainage holes in the top three pockets; it’s £12.95.

Above: For eco-friendly urban gardens, the Raised Balcony Planter is made of a soft material and has drainage holes; it’s £16.95.


Above: A just-introduced Raised Bed Planter, made of a soft material and suitable for a small space, is £16.95.

Above: How nice to be a bee, living next door to bee friends in these little Three Bee Houses made of oak and rusty steel; a set of three is £21.95.

Above: Little butterfly friends would live in the neighborhood too, in a Butterfly House; it’s £24.

Above: A wooden Ladybird House, with a copper roof, is £21.95.