ISSUE 27  |  Summer Bunkhouse

Trend Alert: Collapsing Linen Bucket

July 10, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Barbara Peck

During a recent shopping foray in Europe, the good people at Best Made, the purveyor of quality tools, stumbled on a cache of vintage canvas buckets. Commissioned in the 1950s by the French Army and acquired by a dealer in rare military artifacts, the vintage buckets are the perfect size to tote garden tools:

Above: The French Army Collapsing Linen Bucket is classic in design and perfectly executed in a heavy linen woven tightly enough to hold water. It’s $44 from Best Made. 

Above: Also perfect for camping, the 11-inch-high bucket collapses into a flat pancake. It holds 1.8 gallons, plenty of water to douse a campfire.

Above: The bucket is reinforced with twine on the bottom, to hold extra weight.  

Note that since these pieces are vintage, they may show signs of age. 

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