ISSUE 12  |  21st Century Gardens

Click and Grow: A Miniature Herb Garden for a Kitchen Countertop

March 21, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Food that you grow tastes better, period. This is true even if you don’t have (1) outdoor space, (2) sunlight, or (3) a clue when it comes to gardening.

For beginners, apartment dwellers, and anyone else who likes to cook with fresh basil, a Click & Grow countertop herb garden with LED grow lights can take the guesswork out of growing food.


Above: A Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit is $60 from Urban Outfitters.


Above: Click & Grow comes with its own water basin and measures a diminutive 8.4 inches long by 9.3 inches wide and is 8.9 inches high.


Above: The starter kit comes with three basil plant cartridges. A Basil Refill (3-Pack) is available for $19.95 from Click and Grow. Also available for the same price are refill packs of other herbs and edibles including Wild Strawberries and Thyme.


Above: Plug in the unit, and its built-in LED light will sprout the plants in from two to four weeks.


Above: You can harvest individual leaves as soon as the seedlings produce six or more leaves . (It will take from two to four months for the plants to reach maturity.)

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