ISSUE 12  |  Color Coded

Curb Appeal: Classic French House Numbers

March 22, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Residents of France may go to their local mairie to ask the nice lady behind the town hall desk for blue and white enamel house numbers. The rest of us must use other methods to get what we want for our front doors. Here are a few sources for the traditional signs.

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Above: Next time you are in Paris, you can find a wide selection of vintage enamel house numbers at Au Petite Bonheur La Chance, located in the labyrinth of secondhand stores and antique shops in the Village Saint-Paul section of the Marais. Image via How to Spend It.

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Above: Ramsign, in Denmark, manufactures new porcelain enamel house numbers in variety of styles and colors, and ships worldwide; they’re priced from $49 to $249. N.B.: We’ve long admired the Engelhardt House Number Sign (shown here) created in 1927 by Danish architect Knud V. Engelhardt.

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Above: What luck if your address happens to be 118 Sunnyside St. Or 118 Any Street. This Vintage Blue and White Enamel House Number might well be worth moving for; $20 at Kiki’s Whatnotterie on Etsy. A large selection of Antique European Enamel House Numbers, which are black on a white background, are available for $60 apiece at French Garden House.