ISSUE 35  |  Modern Design for Children

Outdoors: Children’s Swings

August 26, 2008 3:50 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

<p> I just spotted the <a href=””>Keinu Swing</a> from Finnish workshop Tunto Design at San Francisco store Rose and Radish. Made of layered birch plywood, it&#39;s so simple and stylish it would be great inside a home (space permitting).</p> <p> Below: The <a href=””>Tunto Keinu Swing</a> is available in green, light blue, or red for $250.</p> <p> <img alt=”http://tnswing.jpg” src=”” /></p> <p> Below: A cheaper alternative, Ikea&#39;s <a href=””>Ekorre swing</a>, made of acacia wood and polypropylene rope, is $14.99.</p> <p> <img alt=”ekorre-swing.png” height=”494″ src=”” width=”408″ /></p>