ISSUE 82  |  Dog Days of Summer

Calling All Instagrammers: We Want to See Your Handpicked Flowers

July 24, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

One of our favorite things about Instagram is getting to peek at what other people are growing–and picking, often by the fistful. Lately, we’ve been particularly inspired by the ubiquitous shots of Instagrammers holding up their perfectly unruly bouquets for quickie glamor shots. Admit it: you’ve been noticing the trend, too. So enamored are we of these just-picked arrangements that we’ve decided to run a little sweepstakes. 

Above: Here’s my own backyard collection of ferns, astilbe, motherwort, hydrangea, lemon balm, and cosmos. (The bouquet is mine; the hairy arm is my husband’s.)

Above: Every gardener needs a trusty set of garden shears. We’ve teamed up with Terrain to offer one lucky Instagrammer a chance to make this lovely pair of Jute-Wrapped Garden Scissors his or her own.

Here’s how:

1) Snap photographs of your handpicked bouquets: The idea is that these are made from flowers you’ve plucked on the roadside, hopped fences in abandoned lots to snatch, or ambled through your own garden to snip. Nothing store bought, please. 

2) Post your image to Instagram with the tag #gardenista_handpickedsweeps.

3) Follow Gardenista_Sourcebook on Instagram for a chance to win.

From July 24 to July 29, post your entries on Instagram. Please be sure to limit your entries to just one per day. We’ll post some of our favorite shots and we’ll announce the winner on Gardenista and on Instagram on August 6.

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