ISSUE 22  |  DIY Landscaping

Brass Wall Planters from Rowen & Wren in the UK

June 02, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

These brass wall planters from UK retailer Rowen & Wren remind us of giant brass bin pulls–in a good way.

For more about the shop, see Refined Rural: Housewares from Rowen & Wren, and shop Gardenista’s Picks from the retailer.

Above: Sola Brass Wall Planters have flat backs to hang against a wall, shed, or fence. They don’t have drainage holes, so they’re suitable for hanging indoors, as well. (For planting, be sure to add drainage layer of rocks beneath soil.) 

Above: Like all brass objects, the Sola planters will acquire a patina over time. 

Above: A Sola Brass Wall Planter is £42 (about $65) for small and £62 (about $95) for large. Rowen & Wren ships internationally for a flat fee. 

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