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A Cloth Sack to Swaddle Tiny Houseplants

September 13, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

I’m a big fan of the cachepot. First, it’s an excuse to practice my French–that’s ËˆkaSH(É™)ËŒpō for you anglophones–and then there’s the fact it prevents me from turning my apartment into a potting shed. These fabric sacks from Bookhou can be used to stash any manner of bits and bobs, but designers John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj are especially fond of putting them to work as plant holders. They can dress up a plain Jane plastic pot:

Above: A trio of Bookhoo Round Storage Bags; assorted prints are $25 each.

Above: Each print is screen-printed onto linen with solvent-free ink. The lining is made from organic cotton canvas.

Above: The tops of the bags can be folded down or left up to accommodate the size of your pot. Bags are approximately 6 inches high with a 5-inch diameter.

For a budget-friendly cachepot, consider the Brown Paper Bag.