ISSUE 81  |  Weekend Getaway

Handsome Bike Baskets for Taking Meals On the Go

July 15, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Last week my husband and I took a picnic dinner to the first film in the summer movie series at our local park. As per my instructions for hosting a perfect barbecue, we stuffed our picnic basket with dinner as well as the requisite enamelware plates, matching napkins, cutlery, and glass bottle of water.

Halfway there, we were ready to call it quits. Picnic baskets are heavy, especially when one person in a group insists on carting around accoutrements enough for a full-blown dinner party. I’m not pointing any fingers, but suffice to say: dinner looked lovely and our collective biceps felt the burn of our ambitious picnicking the next day.

What we needed was a picnic basket on wheels. 

Above: Public Bikes has provided the answer to my picnicking dreams in its collaboration with Peterboro Basket Co. They’ve designed bike baskets that are big enough to carry all of my picnicking supplies but that can also be easily removed and transitioned from bike rack to picnic blanket.  

Above: Farmers’ Market Rack Baskets are made in the US from Appalachian White Ash and are available in three different finishes for $50.

Above: If you prefer a lidded option, consider the Covered Picnic Rack Basket; $60. Baskets are compatible with the Public Rear Rack with Spring Clip; $65.

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