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Architect Visit: A Private Sauna on a Swedish Fjord

March 02, 2014 11:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

Sitting quietly along the Stockholm archipelago, this private sauna by General Architecture is the ultimate space for those seeking some covert relaxation.

Clad in larch wood paneling and heavy glass window panes, the minimalist dry sauna was built with patination in mind as the materials age with wear and weather. For more information, visit General Architecture.


Above: Reachable by boat, the sauna sits on a dock made of the same larch wood. All photographs by Mikeal Olsson, courtesy of General Architecture.


Above: The sauna, built as a uniform volume, appears as a small summer house when closed but opens to reveal its serene, spa-like interior.

Sauna by General Architecture, interior

Above: Minimalist decor starts with the Stelton Oil Lamp ($689) from Danish designer Erik Magnussen.

Sauna designed by General Architecture, photo by Mikael Olsson

Above: When the sauna is not in use, windows and doors are shut to give the appearance of a house.

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