An Elegant Way to Protect Plants from a Hose

September 10, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

The time and money you’ve invested in your garden beds can be obliterated by an unfortunate drag of the hose. Protect plants and borders with an idea that harkens from English gardens: a wooden hose bollard.

Above: Of the garden hose guides available, we find wooden hose bollards the most appealing in their looks and their usability. Simply stake into a few corners of your garden beds, and you can drag your hose around knowing your plants are protected. They will patina nicely and you (or your ball-catching pets and kids) won’t be impaled if you step on or collide with them, (as you might the metal stake hose guides commonly found in the US). A large selection is available in the UK, but for stateside gardens we have located a US source.

Above: Garrett Wade’s Turned Wood Hose Bollards have six-inch stakes and are three inches in diameter; $29.95 each or $52.80 for two at Garrett Wade.

Above: The Wooden Birch Hose Bollard is £14.58 at Garden Gear in the UK (UK delivery only).

Above: We love that the National Trust Wooden Hose Bollard is crafted from reclaimed brush handles and wood sourced from National Trust properties (crafty DIY-ers take note); £8.50 at the National Trust Shop.

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