ISSUE 15  |  Spring Projects

An (Almost) Instant Vegetable Garden, No Tools Required

April 15, 2015 4:00 PM

BY Gardenista Team

Remodelista editor in chief Julie Carlson loves fresh produce, and happened to have an empty spot on the patio just off her kitchen. All she had to do was move a garden bench to create enough space for a raised bed garden. 

Above: The finished garden bed in Julie’s side yard is made of two 48-Inch Square Cedar Raised Garden Beds stacked on top of each other; currently on sale for $34.88 each (down from $44.97) at The Home Depot.

Above: Julie chose a variety of herbs and vegetables by Bonnie Plants from The Home Depot. Here, a Husky Cherry Tomato seedling; $4.98 each at The Home Depot. 

Above: She planted a flat of Sweet Basil seedlings (sold in peat pots you can plant directly into the soil); $4.98 each at The Home Depot. 

Above: For a summer of salads, Julie added three varieties of lettuce, nasturtiums, and pansies and planted the lot in 22 cubic feet of Nature’s Care Organic Garden Soil; $7.99 per 1.5 cubic-foot bag at The Home Depot.  

Above: Nasturtiums and pansies, both edible flowers, also add color to the garden. 

Above: Julie’s garden bench, in the foreground, found a good home on the other side of the garden. 


Above: The garden bench, formerly perched in the garden’s sunniest spot–perfect for tomatoes, less so for people.