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All-in-One: Concrete Garden in a Box

January 21, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

Make your own concrete garden (including the concrete pot). Just add water.

NativeCast, a company specializing in “green concrete,” an eco-friendly mixture of locally sourced natural and recycled materials, has conceived of an herb kit that is entirely DIY. Using the box the kit comes in, simply add water to mold a one-of-a-kind, concrete planter. After it dries, add dirt and seeds, and then sit back and watch your tiny crop sprout.

Above: Create a minimal window garden with NativeCast’s flower kit; $18 at Terrain.

Above: High-quality seeds for the kits—including sage and basil—come from Eden Brothers.

Above: Simply packaged, each kit contains all you need for your own eco-friendly garden.

Above: For kids or your special Valentine, heart and star kits are also available; $10.

Above: In additional to DIY, NativeCast makes an array of larger concrete planters in varying sizes and hues, including the smooth bowls and urns pictured here; $25 -$30.

Above: Cast “wood” planters come in small, medium and large; $30-$50. For more, see “Glamorous Gold and Silver Leaf Planters.”

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