ISSUE 11  |  Black, White & Gray

Accessories: Vertical Gardens at Terrain

March 18, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

New from Terrain: an array of options for creating a vertical garden, either indoors or outdoors.

Above: Terrain’s Long Vertical Garden is a rustic wood-framed box outfitted with fiber felt wall pocket planters made of 100 percent recycled fibers; it measures 24 by 22 by 2 inches and is $178 unplanted (a fully planted Vertical Harvest Garden is available for those living within a 30-mile radius of Glen Mills, PA, for $248).

Above: The clever 4.5-inch-long wall-mounted Plant Hanger allows you to display terra cotta pots on the wall; it holds up to 22 pounds and can also be used for holding window boxes.

Above two photos: The Picture Vertical Garden features a wide rust-resistant matte steel frame, tilted planting compartments, a hinged cover for watering, and a slide-out catch basin; it measures 23 by 28 inches and costs $298.