ISSUE 18  |  Japanese Style

Accessories: Laminated Striped Trays

May 05, 2010 6:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

Rectangular trays make perfect plates for summer picnics or backyard barbecues; they slip easily into the picnic basket or the cooler and can be rinsed and wiped clean with a napkin.

Above: A pair of matching Fog Linen Trays by designer Yumiko Sekine, made from handspun Lithuania linen coated in melamine, is $48 at Brook Farm General Store in Brooklyn. N.B. The 13-by-9-inch Fog Linen Checked Tray is currently on sale for $27 (down from $32) at Design Within Reach.


Above: Measuring 8 by 11 inches, the gray and white striped Barbar Tray is made of laminated cardboard but feels like plastic (handwash only); $3.99 at Ikea.