ISSUE 97  |  Love Letter to the Houseplant

A Winter-Weight Woven Hanging Planter

November 12, 2013 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

“Isn’t it difficult to live with a hanging plant?” Julie asked me the other day. Depends on the planter, I said. For example, if I were a plant, I’d want a woven or knit–or yes, macramé–pot holder just because it looks like it would be so cozy to live inside.

Here’s Exhibit A: from Portland, OR-based artist Kati Von Lehman, a woven hanging basket that holds a handmade ceramic pot. We spotted the set via the Spartan shop in Austin, TX:

Above: A Kati Von Lehman Planter With Woven Basket is $65 from Spartan.

Above: A handmade ceramic bowl with a drainage hole is set inside a handwoven basket; its diameter is 6.5 inches and it measures 3 inches tall.

Above: Four adjustable hanging cords; 25 inches long.

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