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A Walk in the Neighborhood with Olivia Rae James

June 12, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

In summertime, is there anything better than an evening walk? In Charleston, South Carolina, photographer Olivia Rae James strolls past antebellum mansions and the rampant jasmine in South of Broad, camera in hand. Here are some of her favorite scenes from her nightly walk around the block and to the water.

Photographs by Olivia Rae James for Gardenista.

Above: “This is my walk to the Battery during the magic hour, when I admire the endless flowers and overflowing gardens,” says Olivia. 


Above: Bleeding heart vine* spills out to fill the gap between two fences.

*(Thanks to readers Cydney and Cindy, who made the ID.)

 Above: One of her favorite routes takes her from Legare Street to Tradd Street, past picket fences and the neighbors’ exuberant roses.

Above: Espaliered vines cover a garage and topiary hedges flank an entryway.

Above: Is it any wonder the air smells like jasmine?

Above: To see more of Charleston through Olivia Rae James’ lens, visit her blog.

Where do you like to walk on summer evenings? Do you stroll a regular route through your neighborhood?