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Hibiscus and Lime: A Quick and Easy Summer Thirst Quencher

August 07, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

Looking to quench summer thirst? Try this easy hibiscus and lime drink.

In my current obsession with hibiscus flowers, we have been drinking hibiscus and lime all summer long (even in England, where the vibrant pink seems shocking with the more subdued hues of the British countryside). It’s easy to make: see below.

Photography by Sarah Lonsdale for Gardenista.


Above: I take a handful of hibiscus flowers, put them in a jug with water and leave them to soak in the sun for several hours. Hibiscus flowers can be easily found at any Mexican supermarket in the produce section, but for an online source Amazon offers Dried Hibiscus Flowers for $14.25 for a two-pound bag.


Above: Add the juice of two limes (I like mine pretty tangy) and a little sugar, or honey to taste.

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Above: I like the look of the flowers steeped in water and use a tea strainer for pouring. But if you wish to avoid straining, you can soak the flowers in a Drawstring Musln Bag: $4.45 for a pack of 25 from Amazon. Next on my list is a hibiscus cocktail. Still a work in progress.

For another idea with hibiscus, see our post: DIY Hibiscus-Dyed Drop Cloth.