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A Perfect Plant Table (in Four Colors)

March 19, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

I’m putting out the word—I need a slim console table to put behind a sofa to hold plants. If you see it anywhere, let me know. I’m at that obsessed stage: at 3 am, a new Google keyword phrase suddenly occurred to me, and I slipped out of bed to give “metal garden plant table” a go. This morning I woke to email from Julie, who has spotted this beauty:

This strut console table from Blu Dot is pretty perfect—just the right height to sit behind a sofa and just the right depth at 11.5 inches to fit nicely even against a wall in a narrow hallway. At 60 inches long, it could hold a half dozen potted plants comfortably.

Above: The Strut Console Table from Blu Dot has a powdercoated steel frame and is available with a durable polyurethane finish in four colors including slate (shown). The other colors—white, ivory, and watermelon—are just as nice. It’s $449 from 2Modern.

Sadly, at a length of 60 inches, the table is too long to fit behind my 52-inch sofa. It’s too bad, because the table’s height—30 inches—would put the potted plants at the same level as my window sill.

My search continues.

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