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A Vertical Garden for the Urban Dweller

January 28, 2013 4:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

A vertical modular garden funded by Kickstarter and founded by two designers versed in lifestyle product design (Williams-Sonoma is a client), first spotted garnering accolades at Dwell on Design:

Urbio is a modular, magnetic vertical wall garden by Oakland based designers Beau Oyler and Jared Aller in conjunction with Enlisted Design. It was the duo’s solution for urban dwellers who don’t have gardens. The concept is simple: A selection of different sized pucks. a magnetic board, and a variety of pots fit together. Of course, Urbio need not be confined to housing greenery; we could see it working equally well in an office or kitchen. To order, go to Urbio.

Above: The Wide Mouth Vertical Garden Pot; the $25 pot attaches magnetically to a wall mounted plate.

Above: The designers Beau Oyler (L) and Jared Aller (R) with their Urbio kit.

Above: The wall mounted vertical garden components can be configured easily: a single Puck is $8, a Wall Plate is $10, and a selection of vessels ranges from $15 to $35. They also offer vertical garden kits; The Big Happy Family costs $175 and comes with six wall plates (with brackets, screws, and sheet rock anchors) and six containers in different shapes and sizes.

Above: The plates can be laid out in any modular pattern. Here the horizontal format hosts desk accessories.

(N.B.: Looking for more DIY vertical garden kits? See “Instant Indoor Garden from Flora Grubb.”)