ISSUE 105  |  Editors' Picks 2013

A Miracle Treatment to Make Your Feet Feel Like They Checked Into a Spa

January 03, 2014 8:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Whether you’ve been pounding the city pavement to chase after cherry blossoms or crouching in the garden to harvest your garlic scapes, your feet have been doing most of the work. Reward them.

Photographs by Erin Boyle.

Above: Whether you’ve been pounding the pavement in the city chasing after cherry blossoms, or crouching in the garden to harvest your garlic scapes, your feet need a little pampering. Here’s a recipe for an herbal foot soak that’s as refreshing as it is easy to prepare.

Above: Epsom salts are the main ingredient in this soak. They’re something that you might associate more with your grandmother’s medicine cabinet than a day at the spa, but I urge you to give them a chance. Do a little digging and you’ll realize that more than just being useful, they’re something of a miracle maker. Sometimes used as an amendment in garden beds, Epsom salts have therapeutic benefits for you as well. They draw toxins out of the body and give relief to achy muscles and joints. I used about a cup for my soak.

Above: Peppermint, lemon, and rose petals are all known for their revitalizing and refreshing properties.  I used a handful each of rose and peppermint leaves, and a few rounds of fresh lemon. If you don’t have fresh ingredients at home, or if you want to enhance the scent of the soak, you can add essential oils instead. 

Above: After you’ve added a cup of Epsom salts and your fresh ingredients to your basin, fill it up with warm water. Stir the mixture until the Epsom salts are dissolved. At this stage, you can also add a few drops of sweet almond oil to help moisturize.

Above: You can make this foot soak in a stoppered bathtub if you don’t have a wash basin, but there’s something awfully luxurious about being able to sit on the couch and get a good soak while watching a favorite movie. I found this enamel basin at a local shop; there are similar vintage options for sale on Etsy including a Vintage French Enamel Basin; $40 from Sissidavril.

Above: Lately I’ve been admiring brightly colored khadi bath towels. This one is from the Brooklyn-based shop, Layla. A fringed Khadi Cotton Towel with blue-and-white checks is $12 from Monas Creation via Etsy.

Above: A good foot soak lasts for at least 20 minutes. When you’re done soaking, strain the water and compost the herbal materials. Now, that felt good, didn’t it?

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April 29, 2013 as part of our Spring Fling week.