ISSUE 12  |  Spring Forward

Outbuilding of the Week: A Garden Shed Made from Reclaimed Redwood

March 28, 2014 10:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

Old redwood fencing takes on a new life as a thoroughly modern shed. The designer, Joseph Sandy, transforms simple materials–corrugated metal roofing, plastic sheeting, reclaimed wood and pegboard–into a utilitarian tool and garden supply shed that is anything but mundane. 

For the designer, now with RO Rocket Design, it is all about the siding. Designed with a rain screen application, the siding allows the building to breath. If it sounds like a Gore-tex rain jacket, the principles are similar. The waterproof membrane sits on the building’s substructure, behind the visible redwood siding. The siding works as a sun and rain screen, but does not have to be sealed to waterproof the structure. This allows for the siding to weather naturally without worry of cracks and to be applied with aesthetically appealing visible seams and spacing. 

Above: The color variation of the reclaimed redwood scraps produced an unexpected but welcome patchwork design.  

Above: The clerestory window is created with framing covered in polycarbonate sheeting mounted flush with the siding to create a modern feel. 

Above: The white pegboard-lined interior keeps the space bright and is a storage dream. 

Above: An instant tool rack is created with a 4-by-6 plank affixed with tool hooks that integrates into the siding design.

Above: As the shed ages, the siding is developing a silver patina that the designer expects to one day match the adjacent fence.

N.B. This post is an update of Outdoors: Studio Shed by Joseph Sandy, which originally ran on Remodelista on June 18, 2009.

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