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A Disappearing Act: The Sigma Focus Wall-Mounted Barbecue

May 23, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

While I love food cooked on the barbecue, I have to confess that I’m not a fan of giant industrial strength barbecues. For one, they hog too much real estate. And, my patio is too small to house its own kitchen with a six-burner stove for cooking outdoors. I like to cook and then tuck away the evidence to enjoy the serenity of my garden.  The Sigma Focus Wall Barbecue might be the perfect answer.

Above: From the French company Focus (not surprisingly founded by a sculpter), the wall-mounted Sigma Focus Barbecue in matte black steel folds up demurely against the wall when not in use. For UK and European readers, the Sigma Focus Barbecue is available through the Focus online shop for €1,094. It is available in North America (shipping in the US and Canada) only through CF + D Custom Fireplace Design. Contact directly for pricing and availability.  

Above:  Easy to mount on any wall, the Sigma Focus Barbecue features a wall plate that protects the wall from smoke. While at a fixed height on the wall, the barbecue offers a range of cooking heights. 

Above:  The firebowl is more spacious than it appears, allowing the barbecue to be used a number of times without having to empty out the ash. 

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