ISSUE 35  |  The Last Gasp of Summer

Endless Summer: A Desktop Garden for the Office

August 27, 2012 11:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

If I were the boss at one of those corporations with endless rows of mind-numbing cubicles, I’d issue all the employees a tiny desktop garden to nurture and play with, on the theory it would keep them captivated in their seats:

Above: A customizable, eight-piece wood Zen Desktop Garden is €100 (or $128.62) from KarolinfelixDream, via Etsy.

Above: The one-of-a-kind sets are made up of eight blocks that can hold plants or sand or moss—or office supplies—and be arranged in different shapes.

Above: The “planter” and “vase” blocks are painted with a special “liquid glass” coating used for sealing ships.

Above: In addition to a “house” block, the set has a pencil holder, a paper weight shaped like a rock, wooden vases and planters, containers, and a candle holder.